About Us

We are Ghostpost,

We are two friends who shared a passion for art and design. We had a dream of creating an online poster store where people could find unique and affordable posters to decorate their homes and offices. With this vision in mind, we started curating a collection of posters that reflected our own personal style and taste.

As we searched for the perfect posters from artists all around the world, we poured our hearts into every detail of the store. We wanted to do something different, to offer a curated selection of posters that people would love. It was hard work, but we were driven by our passion for art and our desire to share it with others.

Finally, we launched our online store and it was an instant hit. People loved the unique selection of posters, and the affordable prices made it easy for anyone to decorate their space. We were thrilled to see our dream come to life, and we continued to work hard to make our store even better.

Over the years, our online poster store grew and expanded. We added a wide variety of posters, from vintage to modern, and everything in between. We also started offering other home decor items, such as tapestries, canvas prints, and framed art.

Despite our success, we remained true to our original vision. We still carefully curated each item in our store, and we were always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces to add to our collection. We believed that everyone should have access to beautiful and affordable art, and we were proud to offer a place where people could find just that.


  • 190 g/r (sturdy and heavy paper)
  • Glossy photopaper
  • UV and Water Resistant


  • Free Shipping within The Netherlands and with 3 posters
  • International every poster of A4 is also free shipping!
  • Shipping price depends on size of the poster!
  • Shipped within 1-2 business days

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